• Nichole Burik
  • Dog Nutrition & Real Member Service Specialist

  • 2 minutes read time
  • Warning! Do Not Feed These Foods During the Holidays!

    There is nothing better than the Holidays. Guests and all of my family members arrive to my house with their tastiest Holiday dishes to share. I make sure I have a cute blouse on with a nice pair of stretchy pants to prepare to feast! Every time I look down from the table I see my furry friend at my feet giving me those irresistible puppy eyes letting me know that he is just as excited as I am for these tasty dishes. Luckily, I know what my pup can and can’t have of my leftovers, but the majority of my guests and family do not as some of these foods aren’t obvious. Be sure to share with them these items that cannot be fed during the Holidays!

    • Cooked Turkey or Ham Bones: Cooked bones are extremely dangerous to dogs as they are very brittle and can splinter on the way down.
    • Turkey Skin and Drippings: Turkey skin and drippings have a high fat content and are almost always salted and seasoned.
    • Stuffing: Stuffing majority of the time consists of bread, butter, salt and onions which is all unnecessary and can be dangerous to dogs.
    • Cranberry Sauce: Although cranberries can be great for dogs in small amounts, cranberry sauce is usually loaded with sugar which is toxic to dogs.
    • Corn: Corn is completely useless to feed as it’s a starchy carbohydrate that dogs have a hard time digesting.
    • Mushrooms: Although some specific mushrooms are beneficial in their raw state, it’s best to stay away from feeding leftover mushrooms encase they are seasoned and cooked in heavy oils which will result in stomach upset.
    • Garlic: Garlic can be beneficial fed in the correct doses, but garlic can also be toxic if given the incorrect doses so it is best to skip feeding it.
    • Nuts: Most nuts have a high fat content and some nuts can be toxic to dogs.
    • Candied Sweet Potatoes/Yams: Candied = sugar. Potatoes = carbs which are both harmful to dogs.
    • Bread dough: What happens when dough gets warm? It rises - which is what will happen in your dog’s stomach if he is fed bread dough. Swelling of the stomach can cause painful bloat and vomiting.
    • Raisins, Grapes, Chocolate, Alcohol: Although these seem obvious, I know quite a few people who were completely unaware of the toxicity of raisins and grapes to dogs!

    You are probably thinking “What leftovers can I feed to my dog, then?” Good news is, you can treat your pup to small amounts of turkey breast meat, a bit of veggies as long as they are not covered in salt, and even raw turkey giblets! If your pup has never eaten raw turkey giblets before, you may want to feed only a couple of them at the most to avoid stomach upset. Better news is, Real Dog Box offers a variety of safe, nutritional chews to allow your furry friend to have their own feast! Your pup will stay busy and satisfied during the Holidays :)