Nutrition First.

Over ½ of the dogs in the US are dying from cancer, suffering from obesity and allergies. Understanding what food your dog needs to thrive can be confusing in the age of fancy food photos and marketing terms.
We’ll help you navigate the basics of nutrition and dog anatomy, and keep our research up to date as we learn of new developments in the dog food industry.

Short history of dog food

Here's how it happened

15,000 years ago

Wolves to Dog
From Wolves to Dogs

Human interaction led to eating leftover scraps of meat, bones & organs.


Dog cakes
Biscuits Become Dog Cakes

The first dog cakes were made from leftover sailor biscuits in the shipyard.


Canned Food Revolution
The Canned Food Revolution

Technology to preserve food changed everything. Horse meat was the main ingr.


First Kibble
The First Kibble

Made from the same process as puffed cereal (extrusion), kibble was born.

With so many brands and options in the market, figuring out what to feed your dog can be challenging. Every dog is different, but their basic nutritional needs are the same. By feeding fresh foods and natural supplements, we can avoid many food related disorders including diabetes, arthritis, dental disease, organ disease and cancer.