• Priscilla Liu
  • Dog Nutrition and Member Service Specialist

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  • Ways to Puppyproof your Home

    Before bringing home your puppy it is a great idea to puppy-proof your home. Puppies bring a lot of messes and destruction into your life and puppy-proofing your home will lower the odds of this happening (although it is inevitable!).

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    Buy trash cans that lock or have secure lids. These trash cans are harder for puppies to get into. Some trash cans the market even require you to wave your hand over a sensor before it opens. These are best for households with young puppies. Their noses are constantly searching for some good smells and the trash can is full of them! If puppies get into food waste or plastic it can be detrimental!

    Make sure there are no holes in your fencing. Puppies love spending time in the yard (they don’t care for fancy things!) and inevitably will be out in your yard for potty breaks and playtime! Make sure to fix any holes in the fencing so they can’t squeeze through and escape and to fence off any area you do not want them to get into (for example, your plants)!

    Store anything with toxic chemicals in it out of reach. Any type of cleaners or yard sprays I usually will store inside my garage, or in the yard in a shed that is locked. That way the puppies aren’t exposed to any unsafe chemicals. If I need to use them, I will clean the area and restrict access to the area for about 24 hours.

    Store away anything else poisonous--plants or food. Some regular household plants and foods can be poisonous to dogs, so make sure the plants are not left out, or are put high up and locked away.

    Child locks are your best friend. You can purchase a child lock online or at a hardware store. These don’t only work for kids, but for young puppies and mischievous dogs as well! They can be used on cabinets, refrigerators, and much more.

    Partition off the kitchen--or put away any hazardous objects and lock them away with childproof locks. The kitchen has many tasty things but it also has many dangerous household items--knives, scissors, pots, pans--that a puppy can get into. Make sure they are high up and locked away with childproof locks or you can buy baby gates or an x-pen to block off the kitchen!

    Always remember to close bathroom doors! Dogs love to drink out of the toilet (yummy smells!) or can possibly ingest bath salts or chemicals. Be sure to always close the toilet lid or store away anything poisonous. Always keeping the bathroom door closed is helpful as well.

    Place covers over electrical cords or move them. Puppies may get into trouble and attempt to chew on electrical cords. This can be very dangerous, so keep an eye on your puppy. Partition off that area, put a cover on the cords, or move them. That way your pup won’t risk electrocuting itself.

    Remember--bringing a puppy home is a wonderful feeling, however, they are just as mischievous as kids and get into just as much trouble. I highly recommend crate training your puppy as well. Crate training creates a space for your puppy to relax and be calm, and is essentially a “room” for your puppy. This way, when you are out of the house, you can be sure your pup has a safe place to be. Whether or not you crate train your puppy, puppyproofing your house will give you peace of mind and make a safer environment for your pup!