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  • The Top 5 Collar Brands

    One of my favorite things to do is shop for dog gear! I always like to keep a collar on my dog because you never know when you will need to restrain your dog or grab them. If your dog somehow gets loose and you are not home, a collar is great to have on for someone else to grab them. Collars are also great for attaching dog tags with your information on them! I always recommend microchipping your dog, however, dog collars for tags are just another form of insurance. Before picking a collar for your dog, ask yourself a few questions: Will this be an every day collar? How comfortable is it for my dog? If you’re a discerning pet owner and you want to make sure your dog is looking fresh at all times, here are the top 5 collar brands, brought to you by our team here at Real! 

    K9 Tactical Gear - This company is one of my absolute favorites for heavy duty and long lasting collars! They are a family owned and operated since 1986. All of their patches and collars are made to order and hand-sewn. This allows them to make custom orders. They cater towards gear for working K9s and work closely with many local sheriff/police departments. They have a great assortment of collars, leashes, and harnesses, but they lean towards the minimalistic side. You can choose from an assortment of colors! I own three K9 Tactical Gear collars and leashes. They are very heavy duty and can withstand various weather conditions. They’ve gone through quite a beating, and the letters on the patches are still quite vibrant. I also love that K9 Tactical Gear is a California local company. Keep in mind, because their products are made to order, it takes a few weeks for your order to be made and processed! These products are worth the wait! 

    Kiwi with her K9 Tactical Gear collar and her custom “DO NOT PET” patch.

    Etsy - although this is not a specific brand, Etsy is a great way to support small artists. It is also a great place to find something unique for your pup! If you are looking for a themed collar (for example, Harry Potter themed) you can find them here! Or if you wanted a custom leather collar, this is the place! 

    Izzy sporting the “Moon and Cat Tarot Card” collar by RCrescentsCreation on Etsy

    Ruffwear - An awesome brand that sells gear for you and your adventure buddy! The owner, Patrick, has been travelling outdoors with his dogs since he was a kid. He made a fabric collapsible water bowl for his dog, brought the bowls to a retail show, and the orders began to come in. Up until 1998, Patrick was Ruffwear’s only employee. Ruffwear collars are made to be lightweight and reflective--just in case you are outdoors with your pet at night, it’ll be easy to locate them! Ruffwear also sells other gear for outdoor adventures with your pup! 

    The Knot-A-Collar by Ruffwear!

    Leeds - This brand makes trendy dog collars, leashes, harnesses, AND clothing for people! The collars come in trendy patterns (like palm trees!) and are made to make your pup look stylish and flashy! They are designed and made in Encinitas (support local!). Not only are these collars a stylish buy, but you can also feel good about your purchase because a portion of the proceeds is donated to rescues. The collars are not quite as heavy duty, but are made for everyday wear.

    Blue modeling her spring Leeds collar! 

    Wolfgang Man & Beast - is another trendy collar brand. They seek to create products that display the unique bond between humans and their dogs. They offer printed collars and leather ones as well! Their site also offers items such as leather goods for people.Their prices are fairly reasonable (averaging around $20!), which is much lower compared to K9 Tactical Gear. Their products come with a lifetime warranty that covers flaws from normal wear and tear and workmanship. 

    Koda and his Wolfgang Man & Beast collar!