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    Why It's Important To Do This To Your Dog's Belly During a Hike

    Moon's out, tails' out! Thankfully, the Full Moon Hike didn't mutate anyone into werewolves but there sure was a lot of howling. Real Pet Food hosted their first event on Sunday in Black Mountain Park, San Diego and the turnout was spectacular.

    After a long journey to the top of the mountain, the group rejoiced at the sight of the luminous full moon with a celebratory champagne bottle. Although there was a bit of uncertainty of how the dogs would take to the trail together, they almost instantly fell in line in pack formation. Their lighthearted energy flowed through to each pup’s parents, and it wasn’t long before laughter filled the air, stories were shared, and friends were made.

    It was an exceptional start to building our #feedreal community. A community that is focused on improving the connection between dogs and their guardians by better understanding their needs. Zoe Sandor, the founder of Zoe's Dog Training based in San Diego, sent us her best, Malory Knezha to give us a few tips and pointers on giving our dogs the best experience during our pack hike.

    Along with some glow in the dark swag, green, yellow, and red bandanas were handed out so dog owners could variate the many dog personalities and encourage positive interaction between their pups. Malory points out:

    It is best to give space even with the best-tempered dogs so they don't feel entrapped in the beginning. Some dogs take longer than others to acclimate, so allow for a little time to get them used to the new environment before starting the greeting process.

    Keep your dog cool! Dogs can be irritable when dehydrated. To keep them cool, rub some water on their bellies to prevent overheating. That’s right. Rubbing cool (not cold) water on your pup’s belly, paws and underarms can help cool them down drastically. And make sure you have enough water for yourself and your dog to drink too. There are plenty of options for portable water bowls for your dogs. Some attach to water bottles, some fold into nifty little squares with a clip on them to attach to a backpack.

    Take frequent breaks. Dogs are much less tolerant to heat than humans. Early mornings and evenings are the best time to take a dog out on hikes. If mid-day hiking is unavoidable, dog boots are highly suggested to protect their paws from overheating, as are frequent water breaks to stay hydrated. There are many brands and varieties of doing boots available! We recommend Ruffwear.

    Body language says a lot and is often mistranslated. Squinty eyes, a big cheesy smile, wide tongues, and restless breathing is usually understood as "aww look how happy my dog is," when in fact, it means that they are overheated and stressed, and it's time for a break.

    Bone-broth is a great re-energizer for dogs because of its mass amount of protein and essential amino acids that assists immensely with their healing process and gets dogs up and running again. You can buy it, or make your own using this recipe.

    If you couldn’t join us for our first full moon hike, be sure to join the #feedreal community and follow Real Dog Box to stay up to date with our next pack hike and more events!