• Nichole Burik
  • Dog Nutrition and Member Service Specialist

  • 3 mins read time
  • 7 Dog Beach Necessities!

    My all time favorite activity to do with my dogs is going to dog beach! Dogs get a lot of room to run, they can roll around in the sand, play fetch into the water and get to run freely with other dogs-- it’s a dream come true! I don’t go to dog parks for many reasons, mainly because too many dogs are in an enclosed space, form packs and it makes dogs more tense which may result in fighting. Although dog fights can happen anywhere at anytime, the dog beach is a place I personally feel a lot more comfortable taking my dogs and I can relax while they have the time of their lives!

    When I first started going to the dog beach I would go empty handed, I would just bring my two dogs and their two leashes to attach to their collars. I learned pretty quickly that I would need to bring a handful of items to make it an overall better day. Here are my go-to dog beach necessities!

    Poop Bags. This falls under the top 3 most important items to bring since responsible pet owners should ALWAYS be prepared to pick up after their dog! Leaving poop behind is just inconsiderate and nasty. What helped for me was buying poop bags that could attach to my dog’s leash! This assured that every time I took my dogs somewhere, their poop bags would be attached and I would never be without them! Also, if your dog tends to poop in the water, be aware and watch your dog so that you can pick it up before it starts washing away.

    Treats. A VERY important item to bring along is high quality treats. Not just to grab your dog’s attention to take cute pictures, but also to reward your dog when you are practicing recall or for overall good behavior in such a distracting environment. If you are taking your dog to a dog beach and allow them off leash, I am hoping this is because your dog knows to come when they are called-- and rewarding this behavior is very important as it can save your dog’s life to know this command! As I mentioned before, treats also make for great photo ops ;) 

    Water. Dogs tend to drink the ocean water when they are parched, so it’s crucial you bring fresh water for your dog to drink when they become thirsty to avoid this! With most cases, few mouthfuls of salt water may only cause loose stool/diarrhea, but consuming large amounts of salt water can be fatal. When a dog ingests salt water, the excess salt draws water from the blood into the intestines, leading to diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration. Do not allow your dog to drink too much of their fresh water after playing too hard as you don’t want to upset their stomachs. You can pack water bottles and a bowl to pour the water into, or you can look into collapsible, portable dog water bottles and bowls!

    ID Tag. Always have your dog’s ID tag attached to their collar! If your dog does run off and somebody along the beach or off the beach finds them, they can contact you. I like to take off my dog’s regular collar and use a water resistant collar instead since my dogs get it very dirty. Since I switch the collars often, I just made extra ID tags so that one is always on a collar at all times!

    First Aid + Colloidal Silver. Having a first aid kit on hand will give you peace of mind. As I mentioned before, dog fights can happen anytime, plus if your pup steps on something and hurts themselves, you will be prepared! Colloidal Silver is an amazing thing to pack along with your first aid kit as its one of the only topical treatments you can apply to open wounds. If your pup does get a cut or open wound, colloidal silver helps a ton!  

    Beach Toys. Don’t forget the water-friendly toys! I like taking my pups to the dog beach during the week and be there for at least an hour. When the crowds start to die out, it always helps to have some toys on hand to keep my dogs entertained! I found that the floating toys work best since they are easier to spot in the water.

    Doggy Sunscreen. Be sure to pack sunscreen for your pup! Like humans, dogs can get sunburned too and not just on their skin. Dogs can get sunburned on their ears and nose, which a lot of pet parents forget about! Sunburns can be very painful, so it’s best to prepare for a beach day by applying sunscreen before the beach and reapply every hour you are at the beach! A personal favorite brand of mine is “My Dog Nose It” - they are a local SoCal company that offers nose balm as well as body and coat spray! 

    Now that you have an idea of what to pack-up on your next beach day, you and your pup will have a great time! You may want to buy some sort of water resistant phone case or pouch for yourself so that you can take lots of photos of your pup having a lot of fun under the sun!